Meaning of “HitoKara(ヒトカラ)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“HitoKara(ヒトカラ)” is an abstraction for “Hitori(ひとり) Karaoke(カラオケ)” which means do karaoke by oneself.
“Hitori(ひとり)” means alone or by oneself.

In Japan, we do Karaoke in the small room of Karaoke Shop. We don’t sing in front of strangers of the bar, we just sing with our friends or co-workers in the small room.
Otherwise, some people prefer singing alone, because we just want to sing without caring about anyone.
I also sometimes do “HitoKara”, it feels so good!

In Japan, “Hitori something” is getting normal (not so popular yet)
Like these.
・Hitori Yakiniku (Go to Yakiniku restaurant by oneself)
・Hitori Ramen (Go to Ramen restaurant by oneself)
Doing by oneself is carefree, I like it.

Also, I’ve seen the difficulty level guide of “Hitori Something”.
For example, “Hitori Disney Land (Go to the Disney Land by oneself)” is high degree of difficulty.

Example Conversation

A: How was your day yesterday?
B: I did hitoKara(ヒトカラ) to get rid of stress!

A: 昨日何してたの?
B: ヒトカラ行ってストレス発散してた!

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