Meaning of “DoubSta(ダブスタ)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“DoubSta(ダブスタ)” is an abstraction for “double standard”.
Some politicians use double standard.

Last week this word became a twitter trend word because an anime character use this word.
She said “DoubSta(ダブスタ) KusoOyazi(くそ親父)!”.
Kuso(くそ) means fucking or asshole and Oyazi(親父) means father.

Example Conversation

A: I can’t believe this politician.
B: I agree, he always use “doubSta(ダブスタ)”.

A: この政治家は信じられないよね
B: だね、こいつすげーダブスタだもんな。

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