Meaning of “Eshi(絵師)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Eshi(絵師)” means a painter or an illustrator or artist. It means a person who draw.
“E(絵)” means picture or drawing or painting or illustrations. “Shi(師)” means a kind of specialist.

This is not a slang but an old word, but these days many people use this word and it sounds otaku just a bit.

Example Conversation

A: A lot of eshi(絵師) tweet about the auto-create painting AI.
B: I know. I’m worried about it. Do you think AI will take over their job?
A: I don’t know…

A: 例のaiで、絵師達がツイートしまくってるらしいよ。
B: 知ってる。aiのせいで、絵師減ると思う?
A: いやぁどうだろうね。

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