Meaning of “Zubuzubu(ズブズブ)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Zubuzubu(ズブズブ)” is an onomatopie.
The image of it is someone is sinking in the mud and can’t escape.

Sometimes “zubuzubu(ズブズブ)” is an abstraction for “Zubuzubu no Kankei(ズブズブの関係)”.
It means corrupt relationship which is not easy to cut.
*Kankei(関係) means relationship.
As you know, once people make a corrupt relationship, It’s not easy to wash their hands. So they can’t escape like a person who is sinking in the mud.

Example Conversation

A: I still can’t not believe it… Can you believe such many politicians have relationship with cult.
B: Yeah, it’s zubuzubu(ズブズブ). Shocking news.

A: そんなにたくさんの政治家がカルト教団と関わっていたなんで信じられないよね。
B: しかもズブズブだよね・・・。ショックだわぁ。

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