Meaning of “PapaKatsu(パパ活)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“PapaKatsu(パパ活)” means activity of young woman having date with elder man who are as old as the woman’s father and can pay money for the date. Sometimes, they do more than having date.
This is a kind of social issues, in my opinion.
“Papa(パパ)” means father and “katsu(活)” is an abstraction for “Katsudou(活動)”.

Some “PapaKatsuJoshi(パパ活女子)” do it casually and posts really fancy bags or some gorgeous life on Instagram.
Yes, they do it “casually”, maybe it because, sometimes it’s just a date.

About a decade ago, we just call it “Enko(援交)” which means almost same with “PapaKatsu(パパ活)”, but it sounds more sexual.
In my opinion, one of the problem is “PapaKatsu(パパ活)” sounds casual, that’s why, some stupid girl do it.

[Related words] “PapaKatsuJoshi(パパ活女子)”
It means girl who are doing “papakatsu(パパ活).”Joshi(女子)” means girl.

Example Conversation

A: She always post really expensive bag on Instagram. Is she so rich?
B: Umm… I think she is doing PapaKatsu(パパ活)”.
A: Seriously? But…yes…She looks like it…

A: あの子いっつも高いバッグインスタにあげてるよね、金持ちなのかな?
B: いやー、多分パパ活やってるんだと思うよ
A: まじで?うわー…でもやってそうだわぁ…。

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