Meaning of “Naruhaya(なるはや)”

This article was written over a year ago.

Naruhaya(なるはや) means ASAP. This is a common abbreviation. We often hear this word both inside and outside of work.

Naruhaya(なるはや) is an abbreviation for “narubeku hayaku(なるべく早く)” which means “as soon as possible”.
“Narubeku(なるべく)” means as – as possible.
“Hayaku(早く)” means soon.

By the way, I don’t like this word because it means I have to work overtime.
If it’s important and urgent, it’s OK. However some people say this word even if it’s not so urgent. They should say “until [when]” not “Naruhaya(なるはや)”.

Example Conversation at the office

Boss : Are you available now?
Staff : Yes, what do you want?
Boss : Do this work, please.
Staff : Until?
Boss : Naruhaya(なるはや)
Staff : Oh… yes sir..

上司: いまあいてる?
スタッフ: なんですか?
上司: なるはやで

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