Meaning of “Sirankedo(知らんけど)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Sirankedo(知らんけど)” means “I guess”, and it also means “I’m not responsible for what I said.”
We use this at the end of sentence. After we talk what we want to say, we say “sirankedo(知らんけど)” for avoiding responsibiity.
“Siran(知らん)” means “I don’t know” at the Kansai dialect.
“Kedo(けど)” means kind of “but” or something in this case.

Kansai dialect sounds fun because Kansai is a center of “owarai” which means comedy style in Japan. That’s why, we imagine Kansai people might be a fun person.

Anyway, let’s get back on track.
“I’m not responsible” sounds irresponsible and halfhearted person.
Otherwise, Osaka dialect relieve the bad impression.

Example Conversation

A: Do you think it’ll rain tomorrow?
B: Maybe…It’ll rain. Sirankedo(知らんけど).

A: 明日雨かなぁ?
B: うーん、雨なんじゃない?知らんけど

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