Meaning of “Myakugaaru(脈がある)”, “Myakuganai(脈がない)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Myakugaaru(脈がある)”/”Myakuari(脈あり)” means “There is a chance with her/him” or “She/He is into you”.
“Myakuganai(脈がない)”/”Myakunashi(脈なし)” means “There is a NO chance with her/him” or “She/He is NOT into you”.

“Myaku(脈)” means “pulse”, “Ga aru(がある)” means “There is”.
If this word is used at hospital or something medical situation, it means “There is a pulse”.
But if the word is used at other situation, especially at the conversation about relationship, it means “There is a chance with her/him”.
I don’t know why, but it’s not a slang, it’s a traditional expression.

Example Conversation

A: I’ll try ask her out on a date again.
B: You should!! I think “Myakuari(脈あり)”!

A: もう一回彼女をデートに誘ってみる
B: そうしなよ!脈ありだと思うよ!

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