Meaning of “Jigoe(地声)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Jigoe(地声)” means “One’s natural voice”.
“Ji(地)” means ground or basic.
“Koe(声)” means voice.

Opposite word is “Uragoe(裏声)”.
“Ura(裏)” means back side or other side or reverse.

Example Conversation

A: You are a good singer. Really good at using uragoe(裏声).
B: My jigoe(地声) is low, so I need to use uragoe(裏声) to sing any songs.
A: It’s fun to go to Karaoke with a good singer!

A: お前歌うまいよなぁ。裏声の使い方が上手。
B: 地声が低いから裏声ださないと歌えないんだよね。
A: 歌上手い奴とカラオケ行くの楽しいわぁ

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