Meaning of “Jigoe(地声)”

“Jigoe(地声)” means “One’s natural voice”.
“Ji(地)” means ground or basic.
“Koe(声)” means voice.

Opposite word is “Uragoe(裏声)”.
“Ura(裏)” means back side or other side or reverse.

Example Conversation

A: You are a good singer. Really good at using uragoe(裏声).
B: My jigoe(地声) is low, so I need to use uragoe(裏声) to sing any songs.
A: It’s fun to go to Karaoke with a good singer!

A: お前歌うまいよなぁ。裏声の使い方が上手。
B: 地声が低いから裏声ださないと歌えないんだよね。
A: 歌上手い奴とカラオケ行くの楽しいわぁ

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