Meaning of “Burikko(ぶりっ子)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Burikko(ぶりっ子)” means “female who pretend to be cute overly to attract male” .
“Buri(ぶり)” is from “Kawaiiko buru(可愛い子ぶる)” ‘s “Buru(ぶる)”.
“Kawaiiko buru(可愛い子ぶる)” means “pretend to be cute”.

Basically, this word is used in a bad way.
On the other hand, “azatokawaii(あざとかわいい)” is used in a good way.
And one of the meaning of just “azatoi(あざとい)” is almost same with “burikko(ぶりっ子)”. So just “azatoi(あざとい)” not “azatokawaii(あざとかわいい)” is used in a bad way.

Example Conversation

A: Whe she is hated by everyone?
B: Because, she is “burikko(ぶりっ子)”. She always change her attitude only in front of boys, it’s so annoying!!

A: 彼女はなんで嫌われてるの?
B: ぶりっ子だからだよ。男の前だけキャラ変えてうざいのよ。

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