Meaning of “Batankyu(バタンキュー)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Batankyu(バタンキュー)” means fall down or collapsed or sleeping.
“Batankyu(バタンキュー)” is an onomatopoeia.
“Batan(バタン)” is an onomatopia. It’s a sound of fall down or collapsed.
“Kyu(キュー)” is also kind of an onomatopia. It’s a sound of kind of moaning, “no more” or “surrender” or something… it’s hard to explain…

For me, “Batankyu(ばたんきゅ~)” is a sound when we lose on puyopuyo (puzzle video game).
But as an obsolete word, “Batankyu(バタンキュー)” means “some one is exhausted and crash on one’s bed”.

Example Conversation

A: Yesterday, I was batankyu(バタンキュー) when I got home.
B: What is batankyu(バタンキュー)?
A: Oh… is it an obsolete word? It means “I was exhausted and crashed on one’s bed”.

A: 昨日は家に帰ってバタンキューだったよ
B: え、バタンキューってなんですか?
A: え、やばい、死語だっけ…。疲れて寝たってことよ

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