Meaning of “Yayakoshii(ややこしい)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Yayakoshii(ややこしい)” means complecated.
This is a traditional word.

“Yayako(ややこ)” means baby in old Japanese.
Imagine, we can’t understand what the baby want to.
It’s hard to understand and bothersome sometimes.
In my opinion, meaning of “yayakoshii(ややこしい)” include kind of the image.

Example Conversation

A: What’s the relationship between you two?
B: Hmm… It’s too yayakoshii(ややこしい) to explain…

A: あなたたち、どういう関係なの?
B: うーん・・・。説明するには、ややこしすぎるかなぁ・・・。

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