Meaning of “Aoru(煽る)” / “Aori(煽り)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Aoru(煽る)” means “stir up” or “agitate” or “fan the flames”.
It means doing something to make someone angry.
“Aoru(煽る)” is a verb, “Aori(煽り)” is a noun or kind of adjective.
“Aotteru(煽ってる)” is a present progressive.

Basically, “Aoru(煽る)” means “fan”.
But these days, “fan the flames” is more common meaning of it.

“Aori Unten(煽り運転)” is common word in Japan.
“Aori Unten(煽り運転)” means “tailgationg”.
(“Unten(運転)” means drive.)

Among gamers, “Aori(煽り)” is common word.
Especially, In FPS games, we often see “Aori(煽り)”.
For example, After killing someone, doing weird unnecessary move is “Aori(煽り)”.

This is “Aori(煽り)” in Splatoon2, we call it “Aori Ika(煽りイカ)”.
“Ika(イカ)” means squid, and “AoriIka(あおりいか)” is a Japanese name of bigfin reef squid.
Same pronunciation, different meaning. It’s a kind of joke.

Example Conversation in FPS game

A: Damn it! I was killed!
B: Where are you?
A: Oh, he is Aotteru(煽ってる)”, disgusting!

A: あーちくしょー、やられた!!
B: 今どこ?
A: しかもあいつ煽ってやがる、むかつくーーー!!

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