Meaning of “Nakanuki(中抜き)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Nakanuki(中抜き)” means “rip-off by middleman” or “skim off by middleman”.
“Naka(中)” means middle, Nuki(抜き) means “pull out”.

“Nakanuki(中抜き)” is really big problem in Japan in my opinion.
There are a lot of excellent creator and engineer and something in Japan, but the brilliant people can’t earn a lot because of “Nakanuki(中抜き)” system.
It’s crazy, isn’t it? In Japan, middleman (or middle-company) who have good connection and good communication skill can earn a lot.
If the middle-people (or middle-company) can handle well is still OK, but sometimes they just order other company.
Anyway I hate supremacy of “komyuryoku(コミュ力)“.
I think supremacy of “komyuryoku(コミュ力)” and “Nakanuki(中抜き)” are the reason of country decline.

Example Conversation

A: Why it’s so underwhelming? They have a huge budget, right!?
B: Because of “Nakanuki(中抜き)”.
A: Seriously?
B: According to rumor, the agency took a huge budget by “Nakanuki(中抜き)”.

A: なんでこんなにしょぼいの?予算沢山あったよね?
B: 中抜きされまくってるからだよ。
A: まじで??
B: 噂によるとあの代理店が中抜きしまくってるらしい。

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