Meaning of “Nagesen(投げ銭)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Nagesen(投げ銭)” means social tipping.
This is kind of a internet word.
“Nage(投げ)” means throw, and “Sen(銭)” means money.
Many people do “Nagesen(投げ銭)” on online streaming like Youtube or TwitCasting or something.
For example, Super Chat on Youtube is a system for Nagesen(投げ銭).
People pay a lot of money for their oshi.

Example Conversation on internet

A: Do you know the best paid Youtuber on super chat is Japanese VTuber in 2020?
B: Seriously? How much did she earn?
A: 159,000,000 yen!!
B: Wow, many people must do Nagesen(投げ銭)…

*It’s true, and look at this page, Japanese Vtubers earn huge amounts of money!!

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