Meaning of “Ussewa(うっせぇわ)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Ussewa(うっせぇわ)” means “shut up”.
“Ussewa(うっせぇわ)” is from “Uruseewa(うるせえわ)” which also means “shut up”.
And “Usse(うっせー)” or “Urusee(うるせえ)” has same meaning too.

These words are from “Urusai(うるさい)” which means “noisy” or “annoying”.
“Urusai(うるさい)” is just feeling or situation, but if you yell “Urusai!(うるさい)” the meaning chenge to “shut up!”.

Anyway, these kind of “shut up” words are not polite words, so if you use these word, be careful!

“Ussewa(うっせぇわ)” is also a song by Japanese singer Ado.
This song is very popular, so many kids sing this song, and some parents don’t like it, haha.

Example Conversation

A: Go study!!
B: Useewa!
A: Watch your language!

A: ちゃんと勉強しなさい!
B: うっせぇわ!
A: 言葉遣い!

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