Meaning of “puchi pura(プチプラ)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Puchi pura(プチプラ)” means “Cheap”.
This is an abbreviation for “Petit Price (プチプライス)”.
It’s common abbreviation in Japan.
Fashion Magazine likes this word.

Example Conversation

A: Have you checked the article of Puchipura(プチプラ) clothes?
B: I’ve checked, I think GU is enough.
A: I think so, they also have Takamie(高見え) items.

A: 今月のプチプラ服特集見た?
B: 見た、もうGUで十分だよね。
A: ね、高見えしそうなのもあるしね。

※Takamie(高見え) means “looks expensive” which is often used by fashion magazine.
※GU is a another line of UNIQLO. GU has a lot of cheap and trendy clothes.

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