Meaning of “Asetta(焦った)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Asetta(焦った)” means “I was freaking out” or “I was upset”.
“Asetta(焦った)” is the past tense of “Aseru(焦る)”.

We often use this word after we were freaking out.

Example Conversation

A: Have you handed in the report?
B: What? The dead line is tomorrow, right?
A: Um… I think the dead line is today.
B: Oh, seriously???
A: Oh, no, the dead line is tomorrow, sorry.
B: Asetta(焦った), cut it out.

A: レポート提出した?
B: え、明日までだよね?
A: あれ、今日までじゃない?
B: マジで!?え、うそでしょ!?
A: あ、明日までだ。ごめんごめん。
B: 焦ったー、やめてよー。

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