Meaning of “Egosa(エゴサ)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Egosa(エゴサ)” means searching internet for themselves.
“Egosa(エゴサ)” is just an abbreviation for ego-search(エゴサーチ).

Some people like doing it, but others hate it.

Example Conversation

A: That actress is into in Egosa on twitter.
B: Oh, many people tweet badly about her.
A: She said she check the other tweet of the account who attacks her, and enjoy feeling sorry of their miserable life.
B: Oh…

A: あの女優、趣味がツイッターでエゴサすることらしいよ
B: え、結構な人数が悪口書いてるよね。
A: 悪口書いている人の他のツイート見て、いつも「この人は不幸だな」って思って楽しむらしいよ。
B: うへぇ。

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