Meaning of “Corona ka(コロナ禍)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Corona ka(コロナ禍)” means situation of COVID-19. this is a formal word.
“Corona(コロナ)” means coronaviruses, in Japan we call it “Corona” not COVID-19.
“Ka(禍)” means disaster. This is a too difficult word, so at first, most of Japanese couldn’t read and understand it.
But it became a common word, because of the COVID-19.
If you check the news site in Japan, you can find this word easily.

Example Conversation

A: We couldn’t read “Corona ka(コロナ禍)”, could you?
B: I couldn’t! I thought it is “Uzu(渦)”.
A: Same with me!!

A: コロナ禍って最初読めなかったよな。
B: 読めなかった!渦かと思ってた
A: 一緒!!

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