Meaning of sorena(それな)

This article was written over a year ago.

It means “I agree!” or “That’s exactly it!”.
This word is a popular word among young people now.
They always say “sorena!” when they want to agree.
If you use this word to elder people, it’s sounds rude. So be careful.

Example Conversation

A: It’s too hot to wear a face mask…
B: I know. But if we don’t wear it, people will treat me as unpatriotic, so we have to…
A: Sorena!

A: 暑すぎてマスクつらいんだけど
B: わかる。でもマスクしてないと非国民扱いされるから、しないわけにはいかないんだよね
A: それな!

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