Meaning of Mindo(民度)

This article was written over a year ago.

It means the level of social manners.

Since Japanese Minister used this word, some media translated this word.
Other translations are “cultural standard”, “the superiority of its people”, “national chauvinism”
Most of time if people use this word, they feel superiority.
So “the superiority of its people” is also correct, I feel.
The worst is “national chauvinism”, it makes a really bad and wrong impression!!
Many Japanese are not good at English, it means if some media want to create bad image of Japan in English, they can do it easily!!

Example Conversation

A: You moved to high class residential area, how do you like it?
B: No offense, but I feel mindo is really different from our hometown. There are no drunks.

A: 高級住宅地に引っ越したんでしょ、どう?
B: 悪い意味じゃないんだけど、やっぱ地元とは住んでる人の民度が違う気がするわ。酔っ払いとかいないんだよ。

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