Meaning of “HataraitaraMake(働いたら負け)” 

“HataraitaraMake(働いたら負け)” means “You lose if you work”.
This is not a slang, but famous line.
“Hataraitara(働いたら)” means if you work, “Make(負け)” means lose.

These days, Japan seems to be filled with a sense of stagnation, and it feels like the wealth gap is widening.
Japanese government keeps implementing foolish policies, squeezing taxes from hardworking individuals and redistributing money to households with lower income (often with a significant elderly population, a strong voting base of incumbent government).

This famous line, spoken by a NEET in a past interview, has become famous, but in contemporary Japan, it truly reflects the ongoing situation where working hard often seems to lead to losing out.

Example Conversation

A: It seems like the government is planning to distribute money to low-income households again.
B: Seriously? They’re doing that again? This is ridiculous!
A: And our health insurance premiums are going up, it seems.
B: Are you kidding me? FUXX! 増税メガネ!

A: 政府がまた低所得家庭にお金をばら撒くらしいよ
B: またかよ!まじでふざけてんな!
A: そして俺らの健康保険料はあがるらしいよ
B: まじかよ!まじで増税メガネ、ふざけんなよ!

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