Meaning of “ZouzeiMegane(増税メガネ)”

“ZouzeiMegane(増税メガネ)” refers to Prime Minister Kishida.
“Zouzei(増税)” means increase tax and “Megane(メガネ)” means glasses.
“Megane(メガネ)” is a common nickname of person wearing glasses.

Despite the economic hardship faced by the citizens due to factors such as inflation, the Prime Minister keeps implementing tax increases.
We hate it, and someone tagged him “ZouzeiMegane(増税メガネ)”.
Now, this nickname goes viral and it seems that even the Prime Minister is aware of it.

Example Conversation

A: Tax increases, again!
B: Fuck! ZouzeiMegane(増税メガネ)! And why he keep distributing money overseas!

A: また増税かよ!
B: 増税メガネめ!海外にはお金ばら撒くのに!

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