Meaning of Kaerukagenshou(蛙化現象)

This article was written over a year ago.

Kaerukagenshou(蛙化現象) means ick.
This is a trend word among young.

This word derived from “The Frog King” from Grimm’s Fairy Tales.
Basically, the meaning of Kaerukagenshou(蛙化現象) is different from ICK just a bit.
The meaning is “the phenomenon where one develops a feeling of disgust towards someone they previously had a favorable opinion of, upon discovering that the person has feelings of affection towards them.”
It’s difficult to explain…For example,
A likes B, but suddenly, A dislike B because A realize B likes A.
This is the basic meaning of Kaerukagenshou(蛙化現象) but these days, the meaning is changing by getting a trend word. Young just use it as a meaning of ICK.

Anyway, I think, these days, the reason of ick is not understandable…
If you just use loyalty card in front of your girlfriend, it might be a reason of ick…

Example Conversation

A: Last week, my boyfriend ran to the meeting spot for the date…
B: Yeah
A: I got the ick.
B: What? Why??
A: I don’t know, maybe Kaerukagenshou(蛙化現象).

A: 先週彼氏とデートしたんだけど、待ち合わせ場所に走ってきてさー。
B: うん
A: なんかそれ見て冷めちゃった…
B: え!なんで??
A: わかんない。蛙化現象ってやつ?

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