Meaning of JishukuKeisatsu(自粛警察)

This article was written over a year ago.

Jishuku(自粛) means voluntary restraint, and Keisatsu(警察) means police.
It means people who attack someone who doesn’t do self restraint.
It’s a internet slang and now it’s a trend word.
JishukuKeisatsu(自粛警察) looks crazy just a bit.
They believe “We are justice so we can attack them in the name of justice!”

You know, in this situation, we should stay home, we should do self restraint.
Still, Some people are going out and hanging out, yes, I agree, they are crazy and they should stay home. But It doesn’t mean we can attack them.

Example Conversation

A: My favorite restaurant’s glass was broken.
B: What? Seriously? Why?
A: JishukuKeisatsu(自粛警察) did it. They also called and said “Close your restaurant, right now!!!”.
But you know, the restaurant is only take out now…
B: Scary.

A: 行きつけのレストランのガラスが割られたんだよね。
B: え、まじで?なんで?
A: 自粛警察がやったらしいよ。店閉めろって電話もあったって。あのお店、今テイクアウトしかしてないのに…。
B: こえー。

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