Meaning of “Kaizoudo(解像度)”

The original meaning of “Kaizoudo(解像度)” is “resolution”, but as a slang, it means ” the level of understanding”.
For example, “A nitaisuru Kaizoudo ga takai(Aに対する解像度が高い)” means “A high level of understanding of A”.
In this case, “ni taisuru(に対する)” means “regard to” and the original meaning of “Kaizoudo ga takai(解像度が高い)” is “high resolution”.
This probably comes from the idea that higher resolution allows for clearer and more detailed images.

Example Conversation

A: His explanation is easy to understand and really helpful!
B: Yeah, thanks to him, my Kaizoudo(解像度) of that field becomes higher!

A: 彼の説明はわかりやすくていいね!
B: ね、おかげであの分野への解像度があがった!

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