Meaning of “ImpreZombie(インプレゾンビ)”

“ImpreZombie(インプレゾンビ)” means acounts that keep appearing one after another in order to do “ImpKasegi(インプ稼ぎ)“.
“Impre(インプレ)” is an abstraction for “impression(インプレッション)”.
“ImpreZombie(インプレゾンビ)” is so named because, no matter how many times we delete them, they keep coming back like zombies.

Example Conversation

A: Recently, X has really become less user-friendly, all because of “ImpreZombie(インプレゾンビ)”
B: Absolutory! They show up on every viral posts , it’s so annoying.

A: 最近のXはマジで見にくくなったよね、インプレゾンビのせいで
B: ほんとそう!あいつらバズったらすぐ出てくるし、まじうざい。

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