Meaning of “Kotatsu Kiji(こたつ記事)”

“Kotatsu Kiji(こたつ記事)” means an article written based on information from TV and social media, without any original reporting. So it can be written while sitting at a kotatsu.
This word is a kind of slang.

Kiji(記事) means article and Kotatsu(こたつ) is a traditional Japanese heating table with a built-in heater underneath and a blanket draped over it to retain warmth. It’s super comfortable, too comfortable to move! Everyone should try kotatsu, I think. I really live it!!

Example Conversation

A: There’s been a lot of sloppy online news lately, hasn’t there?
B: I think so, I can write that kind of news too. It’s all “Kotatsu Kiji(こたつ記事)”

A: 最近のネット記事、てきとーなの多くね?
B: な、あんなの俺でも書けるよ。こたつ記事じゃん。

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