Meaning of “Oji(おぢ/おじ)”

“Oji(おぢ/おじ)” is an abstraction for “Ojisan(おじさん)”.
The basic meaning of “ojisan” is “middle-aged man” or “uncle.” However, “Oji(おぢ)” as slang primarily refers to middle-aged men who financially support “Papakatsu(パパ活)” woman. Recently, it has also come to simply refer to any middle-aged man.
I think, using “ぢ” instead of “じ” makes this word “Oji(おぢ)” sound more slangy.

It’s important to note the intonation: the intonation for “Oji(おぢ)” as slang is the same as the word for “Goji(5時)” with emphasis on the first sound. If the emphasis is placed on the last sound instead, it loses its slang meaning and refers to the general word for Oji(叔父/伯父)” which means uncle.

*”伯父” refers to an uncle who is the older brother of one’s parent.
*”叔父” refers to an uncle who is the younger brother of one’s parent.

Example Conversation

A: Did you buy another new brand-name bag? How do you have so much money?
B: No, I didn’t buy it, “Oji(おぢ)” gave it to me.
A: What? Seriously? Are you doing Papakatsu(パパ活)?

A: また新しいブランドバック買ったの?なんでそんなにお金あるの?
B: えー、買ってないよ、おぢがくれた
A: え、やばっ、まさかパパ活してるの?

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