Meaning of “OkuriBito(億り人)”

“OkuriBito(億り人)” means person who have amassed assets in the hundreds of millions (through stocks or cryptocurrencies).
“Oku(億)” means hundred million and “Bito(人)” means person.
“OkuriBito(億り人)” is a parody of “Okuribito(おくりびと)”.
“Okuribito(おくりびと)” is a title of famous Japanese movie.(English title is “Departures”) This movie is about a cellist turned ritual mortician, exploring life and death’s profundities. In this case, “Okuri(おくり)” means seeing off (the deceased).

Example Conversation

A: Ah, if I had bought Bitcoin back then, I could have become a “OkuriBito(億り人)”.
B: Yeah, especially since the price of Bitcoin is rising again.

A: あーあ、あのときビットコイン買ってれば億り人になれたのになぁ
B: またビットコインの価格あがってるしねぇ

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