Meaning of “YuruBo(ゆる募)”

“YuruBo(ゆる募)” means “there’s no urgent situation and no need to haste, but we are looking for” kind of…
“YuruBo(ゆる募)” is an abstraction for “Yuruku Boshu(ゆるく募集)”.
In this case, “Yuruku(ゆるく)” means mild or so and “Boshu(募集)” means look for.
This is a kind of internet slang.

Example on X(Twitter)

【YuruBo(ゆる募)】 We are recruiting individuals to join this project together.

【ゆる募】 一緒にこのプロジェクト参加してくれる人募集します

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