Meaning of “GensakuRape(原作レイプ)”

“GensakuRape(原作レイプ)” means changing the original work significantly in terms of the world view or character settings. It ruins the original work and making the original author or fans sad.
“Gensaku(原作)” means original work.

As you know, there are many awesome manga in Japan. So many of them are adapted into anime, dramas, or movies. However, in some cases, we feel so sad because of “GensakuRape(原作レイプ)”…

I’m not against adaptations into anime, movies, or dramas, but I hope they are created by individuals who truly love the original work.

For example, this “City Hunter”!
It was adapted into a film by a French team, but this adaptation was brimming with love for the original material, and I absolutely adore it!”

Example Conversation

A: I heard they’re planning to adapt this manga into a drama.
B: Oh no, I hope they don’t “GensakuRape(原作レイプ)”.

A: この漫画、ドラマ化するらしいよ
B: えー、原作レイプされなきゃいいけど

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