Meaning of “BunshunHou(文春砲)”

“BunshunHou(文春砲)” means a scoop released by weekly magazine Bunshun(文春).
In this case “Hou(砲)” is from “hougeki(砲撃)” which means bombard, I think.
Their scoops are intense and have disrupted the lives of many celebrities.

Example Conversation

A: I wonder who will be the next target of “BunshunHou(文春砲)”?
B: Hmm, I’m not sure, but personally, I’d prefer they uncover the darkness in politics rather than in the entertainment world.

A: 次の文春砲のターゲットは誰だろうね?
B: うーん、わかないけど、個人的には芸能界の闇より政治の闇を暴いてほしいなぁ

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