Meaning of “ImpKasegi(インプ稼ぎ)”

“ImpKasegi(インプ稼ぎ)” is an abstraction for “Impression Kasegi(インプレッション稼ぎ)” which means gain a high number of X(Twitter) impressions.
Kasegi(稼ぎ) means earn.

As you know, these days, some annoying users are posting meaningless content to gain impressions and make money. I think “ImpKasegi(インプ稼ぎ)” users ruin X.

Example Conversation

A: Recently, X(Twitter) has become hard to check because of “ImpKasegi(インプ稼ぎ)”.
B: I know, right! Seriously, something needs to be done about it!

A: 最近“ImpKasegi(インプ稼ぎ)”のせいでTwitter が見づらくなったよね
B: わかる!まじでどうにかしてほしい!

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