Meaning of “Zamaa(ざまぁ)”

“Zamaa(ざまぁ)” is an abstraction for “ZamaaMiro(ざまぁみろ)” which is from “Sama wo Miro(様を見ろ)”. It means “Serves you right” or “That’s what you get” kind of.

“Sama wo Miro(様を見ろ)” is a word used to mock someone who has failed or experienced misfortune (due to one’s own actions)’.
In this case, “Sama(様)” means “(miserable) yourself” and “wo Miro(を見ろ)” means “look at” .

“Zamaa(ざまぁ)” is a common slang and “ZamaaMiro(ざまぁみろ)” is also common, but no one use “Sama wo Miro(様を見ろ)”.

Example Conversation

A: He was eventually dumped by her.
B: Zamaa(ざまぁ). It’s only natural since he was constantly betraying her.

A: あの人結局彼女に捨てられたらしいよ
B: ざまぁ。さんざん裏切ってたんだから当然だよ

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