Meaning of “Bucchake(ぶっちゃけ)”

“Bucchake(ぶっちゃけ)” means “To be honest” or “honestly speaking” It’s a informal expression. Young people often use this word.
I’m not sure, but “Bucchake(ぶっちゃけ)” is from “Uchiakeru(打ち明ける)” which means divulge, kind of…

Example Conversation

A: What do you think about him?
B: “Bucchake(ぶっちゃけ)”I don’t really have any particular thoughts about him.
A: Oh, really…

A: 彼のことどう思ってるの?
B: ぶっちゃけ、なんとも思ってないんだよね
A: おう、まじか…。

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