Meaning of “Teetee(てぇてぇ)”

“Teitei(てぃてぃ)” is more casual way to say “Toutoi(尊い)” and the meaning is same with it.
This is also a slang.

Example Conversation

A: Did you check the online live yesterday?
B: Yes!!! His smile is Toutoi(尊い)!!! Look at this!!!
A: Teetee(てぇてぇ)!! Just Teetee(てぇてぇ)!!

A: 昨日のオンラインライブ見た?
B: 見た!!もう、笑顔が尊い!!!見てこれ!!
A: てぇてぇ!てぇてぇよ!

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