Meaning of “GekiOko(激おこ)”

“GekiOko(激おこ)” means very angry.
“Geki(激)” means very or super, and Oko(おこ) is an an abstraction for “Okoru(怒る)” which means angry.
This is a slang.

About two decades ago, this was a trend word among young.
Additionally, each stage of anger has a trend word.

Lv1 : Oko(おこ)
Lv2 : GekiOko(激おこ)
Lv3 : GekiOkoPunpunMaru(激おこぷんぷん丸)
*Punpunmaru has no meaning… It sounds like old style humans name…
Lv4 : MukaChakkaFire(ムカ着火ファイヤー)
*Muka(ムカ) is an abstraction for “Mukatsuku(ムカつく)” which means pissed off.
Chakka(着火) means ignite, Fire is fire.
But, I don’t know why they call this anger revel like this funny sound.
Lv5 : ComeChakkaInferno(カム着火インフェルノ)
*Don’t ask me why.
Lv6: GekiOkoStickFinariarityPunpunDream (激おこスティックファイナリアリティぷんぷんドリーム)
*Don’t ask me why.

Anyway, we still use “GekiOko(激おこ)” and “Oko(おこ)”.

Example Conversation

A: He really pisses me off!
B: You are GekiOko(激おこ)”.
A: It’s really fucking piss me off!!!
B: You are MukaChakkaFire(ムカ着火ファイヤー).
A: What are you saying??

A: あいつマジでムカつくんだけど
B: 激おこだね
B: ムカ着火ファイヤーだね
B: 何言ってるの?

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