Meaning of DaruGarami(ダル絡み)

DaruGarami(ダル絡み) means an attitude or action (to get one’s attention) that makes one feel dull.
Daru(ダル) is an abstraction for Darui(ダルい) which means feeling dull or suck.
Karami(絡み) means keep talking, in this case, kind of…
The basic meaning of “Karamu(絡む)” is tangle or coil around.
So with the basic meaning, you can Imagine, this situation: A drunk person approaching and talking to you. The guy keep talking, and you feel not comfortable. The guy is karandeiru(絡んでいる) on you.

Example Conversation

A: Hey, how have you been lately?
B: Well… so-so.
A: Oh, so-so? What are you up to lately?
B: Oh, please don’t do darugarami(ダル絡み).
A: Come on, take it easy, I’m drunk now!

A: どーよ、最近、元気にしてる?
B: うーん、まぁまぁです。
A: えー、どうなのよー。
B: ダル絡みやめてくださいよー。
A: いいじゃーん、俺今酔っ払いなんだよー。

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