Meaning of WorMama(ワーママ)

This article was written over a year ago.

“WorMama(ワーママ)” is an abstraction for “Working Mama(ワーキングママ)”.

In Japan, working mother is common now, but many Japanese system is still based on a patriarchal system, I think.
So being WorMama(ワーママ) is not easy in Japan, because they also have to do chores and child rearing and nursing of parents.
Their husband can help it, but they just “help” it. Most of time, the responsibilities of those tasks fall on the mother.
Therefore I admire all wormama(ワーママ).

Example Conversation

A: Which one do you want to be, WorMama(ワーママ) or full-time housewife?
B: Hmm… in the first place, it’s impossible to be a full-time housewife if the husband cannot earn a lot.
C: I prefer wormama(ワーママ), regardless of whether there is sufficient money or not

A: ワーママと専業主婦どっちがいい?
B: うーん、そもそも旦那が稼げないと専業主婦は無理だよね。
C: 私はお金持ってても働きたいかな

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