Meaning of “SoloKatsu(ソロ活)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“SoloKatsu(ソロ活)” means “(enjoying) doing something by oneself”.
“Solo(ソロ)” means solo, “katsu(活)” is an abstraction for “katsudou(活動)” which means doing something.
“Ohitorisama(おひとりさま)” means person who are doing something by oneself. The meaning of them are similar, but “SoloKatsu(ソロ活)” is used only in a good way.

A decade ago, doing something looks lonely, but these days, doing something by oneself is not uncommon and some people doing it and enjoy it. Hitokara(ヒトカラ) is common now.
In my opinion, we should enjoy what we want to without worrying about what other people think!

Example Conversation

A: What are you doing on your day off
B: Hitokara(ヒトカラ) or so. “SoloKatsu(ソロ活)” is awesome!

A: 休みの日何してるの?
B: ヒトカラ行ったりしてるよ、ソロ活最高!

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