Meaning of “OjisanKoubun(おじさん構文)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“OjisanKoubun(おじさん構文)” means “Writing style of middle-aged man (especially on LINE or some other message tools)”.
“Ojisan(おじさん)” means middle-aged man and “koubun(構文)” means syntax.

*LINE : The most popular message app in Japan, like WhatsApp.

The writing style of middle-aged man is different from the style of young, so we call it “OjisanKoubun(おじさん構文)”.
For example, the OjisanKoubun(おじさん構文) is
・Sentence of one message is too long.
・Use The Ojisan Emoji.
and looks like this.

Sometimes, we feel annoying the OjisanKoubun(おじさん構文).

Example Conversation

A: Manager of my part-time job often send me message on LINE, annoying…
B: Seriously? I think he has his eyes on you.
A: Mmm… Look at this…
B: Oh… The OjisanKoubun(おじさん構文)! Annoying…

A: バイト先のマネージャーからのLINEがうざい。
B: え、狙われてるんじゃない?
A: なのかなぁ…。これ見てよ。
B: うわぁ、おじさん構文!うざいね…。

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