Meaning of “KuroRekishi(黒歴史)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“KuroRekishi(黒歴史)” means an embarrassing past that one wants to forget.
“Kuro(黒)” means black and “Rekishi(歴史)” means history.
I think everyone has an embarrassing past especialy in one’s younger days. We call it “KuroRekishi(黒歴史)” because we want to black out the past.

Example Conversation

A: I remember you used to wrap bandage on your left hand, what was that?
B: Ohhhhh…. Stop remembering it!!! it’s my “KuroRekishi(黒歴史)” !! I was chuuni byou(厨二病) at that time, I thought it’s cool!!

A: お前昔、左手に包帯巻いてたよね。あれはなんだったの?
B: あああああ、やめてーーー、それ黒歴史だから、ちょっと厨二病だったの!かっこいいと思ってんだよー!

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