Meaning of “KirakiraName(キラキラネーム)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“KirakiraName(キラキラネーム)” means bizarre name or unusual weird name.
“Kirakira(キラキラ)” is an onomatopoeia which means shining or sparkling, kind of…
Most of “KirakiraName(キラキラネーム)” are difficult to read or weird.

For example,
光宙 is the most famous KirakiraName.
The pronunciation of it is “Pikachu” which from Pokemon.
宙 can read as “chu”, but we can’t read 光 as “Pika”.
Basically, we can’t read it, but the meaning of 光 is light and “Pika” is an onomatopoeia which connected with light.
So if we think about this pronunciation a lot, maybe someone can find out how to read it.
It sounds like quiz or something…
Anyway, this name is totally “KirakiraName(キラキラネーム)”, because we can’t read it and using such kind of character name is weird.

【Related word】
It means old fashioned name.
SHhiwashiwa(しわしわ) is also an onomatopoeia which is connected with wrinkled image.

Example Conversation

A: My brother’s classmates have KirakiraName and I can’t read it!
B: For example?
A: 泡姫 is Ariel !
B: Oh…

A: 弟のクラスメート、キラキラネームばっかで、まじで読めないよ。
B: 例えばどんな名前?
A: 泡姫って書いてアリエル!
B: うわー…。

泡 means bubble and 姫 means princess. Maybe, her parents imagine the princess Ariel from Disney.
But! Many Japanese imagine prostitute with this name, because 泡’s image is connected with soap bar and “Soap” is one of style of brothel.

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