Meaning of “TwiDemo(ツイデモ)”

This article was written over a year ago.

TwiDemo(ツイデモ) is an abstraction for “Twitter Demonstration” which means a demonstration on Twitter.
In Japan, common people don’t join any demonstration on street because most of demonstration are run by fishy interest groups, in my opinion. (I feel there’s no spontaneous demonstration.)
That’s why, common people don’t join any demonstration on street, even if they have some opinions of it, because it’s fishy and we can’t join it anonymously. (We have to expose our face, we can’t use avatar.)

However, TwiDemo(ツイデモ) is more easier to join it, so some common people sometimes join it. To join it, we just tweet with the demonstration’s hashtag. We know most of TwiDemo(ツイデモ) are also run by fishy interest groups (maybe), still, we’d like to show our opinion, if we can do it anonymously.

Example Conversation

A: Our government is totally Ataoka. They don’t understand our situation, they are just a Rougai.
B: I know, they don’t understand us, because they are JokyuKokumin!!
A: True, I joined a TwiDemo(ツイデモ) because I couldn’t hold back my anger!

A: まじで政府アタオカだよね。老害ばっかで全然リアルな国民の状況わかってないじゃん。
B: 所詮上級国民なんだよ。庶民のことなんかわかんないんだよ。
A: な、ムカつきすぎて、このあいだツイデモ参加しちゃったよ。

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