Meaning of “MouOwaridayoNekoNoKuni(もう終わりだよ猫の国)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“MouOwaridayo NekoNoKuni(もう終わりだよ猫の国)” means “This country is over” or “This is the end of the line for this country”.
The literally meaning of it is “Cat’s country is over”.
Mou(もう) means already, Owaridayo(終わりだよ) means over, NekoNoKuni(猫の国) means cat’s country.
The pronunciation of it is same with “MouOwaridayoneKonoKuni(もう終わりだよねこの国)” and the literally meaning of this is “This country is over”.

This is an internet slang.
These days, Japanese feel “This country is over”, so that’s why, this new slang has created.
We feel bad economy and be in despair over Japanese government.
Politician just mention tax increase though economic situation is bad. They are stupid.

Example Conversation

A: Politician mention tax increase again, they are stupid.
B: Yeah, they should check the waste of money.
A: MouOwaridayoNekoNoKuni(もう終わりだよ猫の国).

A: また政治家が増税の話ばっかりしてる、ばかじゃないの
B: 増税の前に無駄遣い見直せよって思うわ…
A: もう終わりだよ猫の国

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