Meaning of “DekiKon(デキ婚)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“DekiKon(デキ婚)” means shotgun marriage.
It is an abstraction for Dekichatta(できちゃった)kekkon(結婚).
In this case, dekichatta(できちゃった) means surprise pregnancy or unexpected pregnancy, and kekkon(結婚) means marriage.

These days, we also have Sazukari(授かり)kon(婚). The meaning is same, but we use this in good way.
Sazukaru(授かる) means be blessed with a baby, kind of.

Example Conversation

A: He finally get married. I thought he want to enjoy his single life.
B: I’ve heard, it’s “DekiKon(デキ婚)”.
A: Oh, make sense.

A: あの人、ついに結婚するんだね。もっと遊ぶのかと思ってた。
B: デキ婚らしいよ。
A: あー、なるほど。

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