Meaning of “OkimochiHyomei(お気持ち表明)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“OkimochiHyomei(お気持ち表明)” means “expressing one’s opinion” in negative way.
This is an internet slang.

For example, we use this
・When the opinion sounds missing the point.
・When someone express one’s opinion in spite of no one ask.
・When we couldn’t care less the opinion.

“Okimochi(お気持ち)” means opinion and this is more polite way of “Kimochi(気持ち)”.
By using polite way, it sounds ironical.
“Hyomei(表明)” means expressing.

Example Conversation

A: How was the meeting?
B: Mr. Yamada did OkimochiHyomei(お気持ち表明), that’s it.
A: Annoying.

A: 会議どうだった?
B: 山田さんのお気持ち表明で終わった。
A: うざー。

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