Meaning of “ReaKo(リアコ)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“ReaKo(リアコ)” is an abstraction for “Real(リアル) Ni(に) Koishiteru(恋してる)” which means “being in love with own Oshi(推し)” (and this oshi(推し) is unreachable because they are anime character or idol or so).
Koishiteru(恋してる) means being in love.

It’s real love, so sometimes they get jealous of rivals who have same oshi(推し).
In Japan, many young people have oshi(推し). That’s why “ReaKo(リアコ)” is not so uncommon.

Example Conversation

A: I’m sick, I’m too reako(リアコ) with oshi(推し)…
B: Are you so sick?
A: Yeah… Additionaly, my oshi(推し) always make other reako(リアコ), so there are many love rivals…

A: 推しにリアコすぎて辛い…
B: そんなに?
A: うん…、しかも私の推し、リアコ製造機でライバル多いの…

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